Capital Appreciation

    Optimal market for capital appreciation

    In an increasingly globalized world where remote working is more the norm than the exception, we, humans, are experiencing more freedom of choice when it comes to where we choose to live. With its natural endowment, stable socioeconomic environment and quality of life at an affordable price, it’s no wonder that this new climate has brought a new wave of foreigners to Portugal. The luxury market has been a particular beneficiary of the recent inflow of foreign capital. As demand continues to squeeze supply in this sector, new opportunities for yield are arising in rents and asset prices. FAM’s development and operating experience, combined with our local relationships, allows us to capitalize on this trend and amplify the returns we are able to offer our partners.

    Building for generations past and future.

    FAM’s developing and operating experience in Portugal Real Estate transcends generations, and our projects do too. Our capital appreciation portfolio offers long-term, stable returns and a natural hedge against economic downturn.

    Greater value to your capital

    Our ethos is founded on transparency and equity, where all members have an equal voice and an equal share in our success.


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