Fine Asset Management

Simple family values that form the foundations of all our projects.


Welfare for the Family

We value equity and togetherness. We only participate in projects we believe in and we more often have skin in the game ourselves. All FAM partners have an equal opportunity in our projects.

Being present

We value free and frequent communication and are always available to address questions and feedback. We take a proactive approach and are tuned in to every detail, every step of the way.


Protecting our members’ investments is our top priority. All projects are forecast for positive pre-sale cash flow and we take a conservative approach when budgeting costs and valuing profit.

Build for the future

We take our time finding and analysing investments for standout opportunities. We don’t just build and rebuild for decades, we create infrastructure for future generations


Why invest in Portugal Real Estate?

FAM is a Real Estate fund manager and developer applying validated, new market concepts. We specialise in Portugal and Israel Real Estate, and we offer our clients both direct, private real estate investment opportunities and fund investments.
We invest in, develop and manage both residential and commercial Real Estate assets.

Main reasons
Socioeconomic Factors

  1. Golden visas
  2. Non-habitual residents tax programmes
  3. Social infrastructure
  4. Affordability

We favour opportunities that align with our values, to build for the future and create welfare for our members.

FAM | Methodology

We connect with our clients on a personal level to understand their specific criteria.

We research and source standout opportunities through our trusted partner networks.

We’ll only share exceptional opportunities, complete with a detailed report for each asset.

Smaller vs Big

All fund and investment vehicle structuring is completely bespoke based on each clients’ requirements.

We aim for quality over quantity. We’re with you every step of the way.


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